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Rebecca Hass


Rebecca Hass is an active freelance accompanist and performer in multiple genres in the Bay Area, CA. She has extensive experience collaborating with classical performers, groups, and movement artists, most recently for Opera on Tap SF, Diablo Women’s Chorale, and the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training.

Rebecca's interests extend to many types of music, including jazz, classical, and pop, but her biggest passion is Brazilian music. Her compositions span a variety of topics, from samba grooves to crime-fighting manatees, which you can hear on her debut album of original compositions and arrangements in Brazilian styles, Florescer (Bloom). She was also a longtime member of the Minneapolis Brazilian percussion group Batucada do Norte, and a founding member of the Modern Spark Trio, a piano trio with diverse repertoire.

In addition, Rebecca is a creative wellness coach who helps other ambitious creative people self-compassionately reduce overwhelm, so they have more energy to focus on the work that matters most, with space to enjoy life. She also hosts the podcast Being a Whole Person, full of inspiration, encouragement, and tangible tips to help you self-compassionately grow your creative practice from a supportive foundation of wellness.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Music degree in piano with a concentration in art history and anthropology from Ithaca College, and is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music through MTNA.

Rebecca Hass
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