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Reviews & Interviews

Read interviews and reviews about Elizabeth Rudolph from Chicago publications and companies with which she has collaborated. 


September 19, 2021

Third Eye Theatre’s double bill celebrates women tech pioneers

Rudolph’s music is decidedly post-minimalistic, characterized by complex rhythms and repeated figures. This mechanized style suited the subject matter, especially as binary code scrolled across the screen behind the two soloists...

Katherine Buzard

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 2.51.13 PM.png

January 14, 2017

Interview with Elizabeth Rudolph: National Women's History Month

Chicago Fringe Opera asked composer Elizabeth Rudolph about her career and personal perspectives as a woman in music today...

Chicago Fringe Opera


November 16, 2019

Podcast Interview with Scapi Magazine

We sit down with Elizabeth Rudolph to talk about her upcoming performance of Imogen, taking the gender out of older source material, the magic of Chicago singing, balancing identity as a performer and composer, and imposter syndrome...

Scapi Magazine


October 24, 2011

SOME OF OUR OWN: VOX 3 Members Discuss Their Compositional Process

Composers and VOX 3 Collective members Myron Silberstein and Elizabeth Rudolph took a few minutes during a recent rehearsal to discuss the compositional elements that went into their new pieces, which will be featured in VOX 3’s American Nouveau concert.

Myron Silberstein


October 10, 2018

Composer Libby Rudolph Turns to Music Activism

When composer/vocalist Elizabeth "Libby" Rudolph was an undergraduate at the University of Illinois, one of her professors gave her some guidance that changed the shape of her education...

Catey Sullivan

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