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cycles circles & seasons

Produced in Chicago by Cox Productions, LLC


Streamed on YouTube January 30, 2021 with a talkback.

Featuring: Mary Lutz Govertsen, Jennifer Barrett, Sarah Kropski, Rachelle Puccini, Chloe Thominet, Denielle Wilson, Dalia Chin, Catherine O’Shaughnessy, and Sarah Jenks


Circles Cycles & Seasons: A program of new music by Elizabeth Rudolph

CSS Stream


The Lake
Song cycle for high soprano, flute/bass flute, and cello
lyrics by Julie Ann Ball

Sub-Zero Snow
April Flood
Irrevocable Trust
Aurora Borealis
In Autumn
The Lake

These Days
Song for mezzo and string trio
lyrics by Laura Stratford


Scena for 2 voices, string trio, and piano
lyrics by Laura Stratford

CSS Program


CSS Artists
  • How do I get scores and permissions to perform Elizabeth’s works?
    Either contact me or go to the Lulu shop. If you buy a score on the shop, please let me know when/if you are performing my works.
  • How do I commission a piece from Elizabeth?
    Contact me! Be sure to have some information avaialbe about the type of piece you are looking for, including but not limited to length, theme, timeline and any specific instrumenation or voice types that are desire.
  • I want to collaborate with Elizabeth!
    I am open to many sorts of collaborations. Contact me and we’ll see if we’d make a good team!
  • Where can I hear Elizabeth’s music?
    Check out my YouTube channel! Many of my recent works are featured here. You can also take a look at the works featured on this site.
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